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IT/e-Governance Cell

An IT/e-Governance Cell was formed in the department at Chief Engineers Office, Thiruvananthapuram on 3.1.2014.The cell is responsible for the management of IT/e-Governance applications in the department, Act as an advisory body to the decision makers of the department in the e-governance & IT related activities.

iPROMISE[Integrated Project Monitoring and Information Service]

The i-Promise is a web application developed by the IT/e-Governance Cell of Harbour Engineering Department for project monitoring and Information Management.By using this App,a user can easily find out all project related informations of a work executed by the HED in single click

Project Scope

* To develop a comprehensive computerized system for HED that addresses all of its activities without time and cost and with the best technology.

* The system connects Head Office with sub offices under a centralized unit.

* Providing a web based database which is accessible from anywhere at any time.

* All documents pertaining with a specified work such as AS, TS, Project Reports, Drawings, Estimates and Images etc. can be tracked and downloaded in no time.

* Geographic locations of each project can be located with the help of google maps.

* Latest physical and financial status of a work will be updated.

* Delay in getting information from sub-offices can be avoided.

* Public/employees can track all details of work with the work ID without logging in.

* MIS Report can be generated and submitted online as per the work flow and it can also be tracked

* Carrying hard copy- in-hand can be avoided.

* Project monitoring is made easy and thus efficiency of the department is enhanced.

* Departmental Review Meeting Can be Organized through this application

* SMS supported Review Meeting module helps to assign task and get to know the action taken on assigned task through SMS.

* Enables online discussion between department officials.

* Accelerates the department work flow by avoiding delay in decision making and implementation

* Chat support for technical trouble shooting also enabled with a third party software.

* Departmental Library Management can be enabled.

* Database of department staff details is also included so that the Gradation list, transfer and posting of employees can be easily done through this.

Work Flow

* URL for accesing iPromise Application in Internet is http://ipromise.hed.kerala.gov.in, The app is hosted at the Kerala State Data Centre-2,Technopark,Trivandrum

* login IDs and passwords were given to all offices of HED. The users can acces the application with these login ID and password.

* The content editing /modifications options can only be available for the administrators proposed in each office as per their jurisdictional powers.

The IT/e-Governance cell at Chief Engineer office will manage the Application and is the Super Admin of this application,.

* The primary data will be updated by the Chief Engineers office/IT cell. The sub offices will update the status of works in a frequent interval as planned.

* The users can update the status of works and can submit the monthly progress reports via online through the file manager module

* The authenticity of data uploaded is completely resides with the offices concerned.